Happy Summer

Hi all.

Enjoy your summer. I have posted my comments on our symposium at:


Feel free to give your two-cents worth.



Final Night

Hello all!

Remember that tonight is the final night for Critical Theory. Same place and time, 5 p.m. in CVA 132.

April 27, Class Cancelation

Hi everyone. Class is canceled this week. We’ll have our final course on May 4th at the same time and place.

Class Cancelation

Hi All.

Class is canceled tonight.

Friday’s Symposium

For those of you presenting on Friday, please check your email account for a technology update. 🙂

Thank you for sharing your work with our learning community! For those unable to present, a friendly face or two would be welcome at any presentation. For those who are working and teaching, thank you for your larger service. Feel free to come to Annette’s send-off. She is a lovely person and inspirational colleague.

Good luck everyone. I am glad to learn from you.


Tentative Agenda for Our Symposuim

Please let me know if you see errors or have a scheduling conflict.

Writing With Images: An Art Symposium

Hi , all! I am organizing a symposium for us. I have sent invitations to several Midwestern universities and colleges. I encourage each of you to submit an abstract, which, if chosen, will afford you an opportunity for professional resume/c.v.  development. The link for online submissions and symposium details is as follows: http://writingwithimages.wordpress.com/

Let me know if you have any questions or need help with writing an abstract. It is a short abstract, 250 words. The deadline is March 18th.


Good luck!!!

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